The Brinks Talk Temporary Love, Inspiration, and Getting a Verified Instagram Account

Alt-pop duo The Brinks – comprised of Scott Mellis and Matt Friedman – released their debut EP, Temporary Love in December. Since that time, it’s become increasingly obvious that the music world’s love for what they have brought to the forefront is not just a temporary situation or passing fad. The six track EP itself garnered critical acclaim, and The Brinks have wowed with their live performance over and over again.

Now, we get a look into their background, their influence, and what’s to come from this outstanding duo.

What’s your official origin story?

Scott Mellis: We are 2 human males that met through mutual friends and started making music together.

Matt Friedman: Let’s call that our un-official bio.

Why bother? What’s in it for you as an artist?

S: I think that creating and writing a record and playing all the instruments and doing it all ourselves is a huge accomplishment. Also we’re not great at sports or much else so what the fuck else we gunna do, otherwise i’d be digging holes on some building site somewhere for minimum wage.

M: It’s a great feeling actually putting out music into the world that you want to hear without any compromise. But mainly getting a verified Instagram account, that felt like some fancy shit.

What’s the ideal setting for a listener’s first go through Temporary Love?

M: I’d say driving in your car with the windows open on a nice fall day. Or crying in your bedroom while rain gently caresses your window and you think about the fact that you’ll never be five years old again.

You’ve said before that Temporary Love had enough tracks to be an LP. What was the selection process like, taking it to an EP?

S: I actually really like the idea of EPs, especially for artists like us who are early in their career. I think they are a great snapshot of where you are creatively.

M: Yeah I think once we had all of the songs done and had lived with them for a while it was pretty easy to carve out the ones that weren’t as strong to us.

Sell me on the genre of alt-pop.

M: I think we’d need to be sold on it first! We listen to all types of music and think ours is an ever growing combo of influences so its hard to be boxed in like that.

What are some of the earliest records you can remember leaving an impression on you?

S: Prince’s Diamonds and Pearls and the Beatles’ Magical Mystery LP, both these records had such an amazing color palate and evoked so much of my imagination.

M: I actually remember being really into “Rock The Casbah” by The Clash in nursery school! My friend and I would throw snowballs at a wall and shout “ROCK THE CASBAH!!!”. That’s the ultimate hipster!!! Hahah. “Oh yeah, The Clash, They used to be cool… IN NURSERY SCHOOL!!!”

What’s it like having the backing of a household name in Pharrell?

S: It’s crazy,  seems unbelievable.

M: Surreal.

What was the first time collaborating with each other like? What kind of chemistry arose?

S: It was really cool, definitely felt for me it turned my song ideas into 3D.

M: Yeah I think instantly exciting for me. I heard Scott’s voice and imagined a lot of possibilities.

What can we expect in the pipeline, now nearing 2017?

S: We’re nearing the end of recording our next EP which should be out on the early side of 2017.

What’s your dream venue to play at?

S: Probably a venue in Melbourne called the Palais Theatre, it’s a legendary venue right across the road from where I used to live in Australia and I feel like this one always eluded me.

M: I’d like to play in an underwater aquarium where sharks and other large fish are swimming all around us.

What does it feel like, gaining so much traction on Spotify?

S: It’s unreal, it’s great to see a song that we care so much about getting a reaction.

What’s your policy on Christmas music: before or after Thanksgiving?

S: I’m actually ok with it all year round, Christmas foods also!!

M: Thanksgiving food over everything. I wish that was all year round.



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