Totally Awesome Summer Share “Bicycle”, Talk Making Music Fun Again

Totally Awesome Summer has a new single that premiered last night, aptly titled “Bicycle”. The guys have hit music gold with this track, as its sound is pure summer in a song. We love the synth nods to our favorite eighties music, and the fun vibe that “Bicycle” brings to the forefront, especially in a time when all we need is a little happiness in our lives.

We caught up with Joseph and Ron briefly, who also admitted to wanting to “make music fun again”.

Where did the name “Totally Awesome Summer” come from?

One of our friends mentioned the phrase in a conversation, and instantly we knew it would be not only a great name for a project, but the spirit of one.  We were looking to make music fun again, and that’s how it was born.

What was the writing process like for Bicycle?

Bicycle came about several years ago as just the short hook.  It was recorded into an iPhone and it just stuck.  We then had to create some sort of narrative around Madame Ruby’s story to make the song work.  She’s clearly a shyster, but it was fun to write from her perspective and think about how she rationalizes what she does as a fortune teller.  It was written on the piano, and then we made the electro-pop demo, which turned into the final track after some fancy production work from Erik Appelwick.

How would you describe your music?

It  doesn’t take itself too seriously, because we don’t.  It’s fun, easy electro-pop with a bit of snarl to it.  But hopefully interesting lyrically, musically and structurally for the music nerds out there.

What do you want people to get out of your music when they listen to it?

That you need to remember to have fun.  Hopefully it provides an escape, as it does for us as we write and play the tracks.

What’s something you think everyone should know about the band? 

We originated as a studio project, and told ourselves very early there would be no hard and fast rules.  Part of what we aim to to is create interesting and fun music without being presumptuous as to what we need to be or do.  Our end is always to have fun, and if an audience sees that, hopefully they can join the party!

What’s your favorite super villian? Why?

Skeletor.  His insults cut deep.  We need more villains who really know how to talk the talk.

What’s coming up next for Totally Awesome Summer?

We are playing live a bit, and that’s been a blast.  Again, it’s all about fun, and doing what feels right, rather than what we think we should  do.  After this summer, it looks like we may do some singles or an EP.  We have dozens of demos to tap into, so we will see where it takes us.  

Keep up with the guys on their Facebook page.