Young Summer’s “Paused Parade” Is a Gorgeous Reprieve From Busy Summer Songs

Alternative/Indie artist Young Summer has come a long way since her synth pop heavy debut LP Siren. Her new material is nothing short of extraordinary, from its fun sound effects to the raw, natural talent displayed on the instrumentals. With a voice slightly reminiscent of incredible talents like Inge Colsen and Imogen Heap, it’s no wonder she may just be on her way to household name status, and rightfully so.

Her latest track – “Paused Parade” – is a bit more of a stripped down version of what we’re used to, and it’s gorgeous in its simplicity. Written alongside the massive talent of Aqualung (Lianne La Havas, Bat For Lashes), the song is tranquil in its disposition, and perfect for a midsummer night’s swim in a dimly lit pool with a love interest. (Did someone say “skinny dipping”?)

We’ve got the track below, as well as an interview with Young Summer herself. There’s more than meets the eye to this darling woman, and we can’t wait for you to find out more.

Why the name Young Summer? How did you choose that?

I wanted something that represented the way this music felt to me which is free and untethered. When the summer has just begun and it feels like anything is possible, that freedom is what the name encapsulates to me and of course it has evolved into meaning much more but as whole it is about freedom and being unafraid.

How would you describe your music in one word? Explain your word choice.

To use one word is hard but maybe the most important word I would use to describe it would be, “honest”. I decided long ago when I was writing songs that the only way to create this art was to be completely honest and raw no matter how painful it was because ultimately that’s what we, as humans, connect with in each other. I want people to feel found in my music and know they aren’t alone and that can only be accomplished by being completely honest, at all costs.

I hear you’re moving away from your synth pop sound. Tell me about that.

I always want to be evolving and growing as an artist so I’m not necessarily moving away from synth pop but exploring other realms sonically and experimenting more with form and themes. You can hear that in my new single, “Paused Parade”. I am very proud of that song.

Where or who do you draw your inspiration from?

When I’m working on new music I pull inspiration by looking to artists who work in other mediums, for me it’s a cleaner way of deriving inspiration. I’ve been reading a lot of Raymond Carver, Charles Bukowski, and reading Sylvia Plath’s journals, which are a wonderful source of inspiration.

While I was writing the songs that will be on the EP, I kept feeling that there was a different colored vibrant light emanating from them so I have been revisiting the artists I love that do amazing work in light installations like the late Dan Flavin, Robert Irwin, and Aldo Chaparro to name a few. The use of light and color is very important to me as I see color when I hear music so those artists have been wonderful to draw inspiration from.  

Which one of your tracks has been the most fun to create and why?

“Alright” was fun to create because it came so quickly and felt like it fluttered into the room perfectly formed. Some songs fight you while you create them but “Alright” came in and sat on my shoulder and sang itself into existence.

If you could choose between changing something in the past or changing something in the future, which would you choose and why?

The past, for better or worse, has to happen for all of us to be who we are, where we are now; therefore, I wouldn’t change the past. It would be nice to have the ability to change something in the future, especially in our current climate.

What is your favorite food?

Hardest question of them all, I LOVE all foods but it would have to be a tie between hamburgers and sushi.

What’s coming up next for you?

I’ll be releasing my new EP this summer and touring soon. Can’t wait for people to hear more of the new music! 

Young Summer will be playing Mercury Lounge on August 31st. Keep up with her on Facebook.