Acid Tongue with Second Single "Humpty Dumpty"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Acid Tounge posessers, Guy Keltner & Ian Cunningham, do it again with their second single “Humpty Dumpty”. The American made men prepare for the debut full-length album “Babies” to drop October 13th, 2017 on Freakout records. Recorded in Seattle and Portland in 2016, Acid Tongue’s debut LP, is a soulful, stoney, honest approach to modern psychedelia. Engineered and produced by Battleme’s Matt Drenik. A handful of shows announced for their record release in New York City after, a Brooklyn show on September 19 at The Gateway, the band will take off to tour Europe. They’ll return in November for festival plays including Off Beat in Reno and the 5th Annual Freakout! Festival in Seattle.

Humpty Dumpty begins with the guitarists taking us on a wobbling walk. They give us imagery and help us visualize the story being told. The two friends talk about revealing themselves and relate that to the character in the children’s book.

Acid Tongue on Tour:
09/19 in Brooklyn, NY at The Gateway
09/27 in Brighton, U.K. at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
09/28 in Hull, U.K. at ADELPHI
09/29 in London at The Shackwell Arms
09/30 in Portsmouth, U.K. at The Birdcage
10/01 in Cambridge, U.K. at Blue Moon
10/02 in Bruxelles, BE at Le Chaff
10/03 in Mannheim, DE at Kurzbar
10/04 in Paris at Espace B
10/05 in Olten, CH at Le Coq d’Or
10/06 in Toulouse, FR at Obohem
10/07 in Biarritz, FR at Sausage Festival
10/10 in San Sebastian, ES at Daba-Daba
10/12 in Lisbon, PT at Damas
10/13 in Fafe, PT at Cafe Avenida
10/14 in Sevilla, ES at Sala X
10/16 in Toulouse, FR at La Cave a Rock
10/17 in Imperia, IT at Arci Camalli
10/18 in Firenze, IT at Annibale Night @ NOF
10/19 in Roma, IT at Fanfulla 5/A
10/20 in Ravenna, IT at Circolo Abajur
10/21 in San Salvo, IT at Beat Cafe
11/03 & 11/04 in Reno, NV at Off Beat Festival
11/16 in Portland, OR at The Know
11/17 & 11/18 in Seattle, WA at Freakout Festival