Ben Pagano Introduces us to the track "Members Only"

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

Ben Pagano born and raised in Nyack, NY is the heart and soul behind the spacey and multi-genre rock song “Members Only”. His talent is unable to be mimicked as the singer/songwriter, pianist/keyboardist introduces us to his brilliant solo work. Pagano has played music for his entire life and has also studied acting for 4 years at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, where has written and composed music for many well known plays.

In 2010, Ben finally broke out and started to play and write his own original music and ever since then he has been gigging nonstop and working to present new music. Then in 2014, he released his first critically acclaimed album titled “Robot Jazz”. As far as this year goes for Pagano, he and his band “The Space Machine” released their second album titled “Forms” which is a blend of many loved genres that is the trademark of Ben Pagano and The Space Machine.

“Members Only” is this generations lost gem and we bet you’re glad you stumbled upon it. The playfulness and room for experimenting in Bens voice is a true raw talent indeed. This track is bursting with flavor, as we can hear the many different types of music being played while the expert pianist tickles the ivories.
Photos by Alex Norelli and Lippe