Leo Nite "Crystallized" – Exclusive Premiere

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Portland-based artist, Leo Nite releases the latest track “Crystallized” with the hopes to envelop listeners with its addictive sound of a dreamlike reality.

The soul behind the melody is Detroit born, Jonathan Holt. Holt began creating music to escape the ridges world of scientific research with his first two releases Compositions and Goodnight From Channel 2 both unquestionably explain Jonathan’s creative side. Shortly after the releases, nite began to notice a small following of people who would start writing about his work which has encouraged him to write his next project “Split” which talks about the feelings you get when you’re searching for an illusion. “Crystallized” is electric soul music, mixed with a dash of R&B. It is an example of a deeper meaning and the result of hard work portrayed through surrealism.