Lovechild – “Love Me All Up”

The rock n’ roll of the 70s is alive and well with modern psych-rockers, Lovechild.

After finally landing the perfect old cargo compartment for the top of their car and spending the day jigsaw puzzling all of their gear inside in anticipation of a 1,700+ mile road trip from NYC to SXSW, the pandemic took full force.
Instead of feeling defeated, Lovechild—comprised of frontman Leo Lovechild, guitarist Aaron Mones and bassist/producer Wyatt Mones—turned lemons into lemonade.
“We were torn up to not get to play live music again for the first time in 4 months, but we figured we could still make something of the time we’d docked out to be on the road,” Leo Lovechild confesses. “So we holed up for a few days with a minimal amount of gear and a lot of whiskey in a cheap Airbnb I managed to find in Copake, NY, set up two mics, two amps, and about three-quarters of a drum kit that our good friend Ariel (who is credited to drums on the track) brought from his garage, and we let the recording juices get flowing.”
The result is a 70s-tinged love ballad, complete with fuzzy guitar riffs and Leo’s soulful crooning. Swoon. To accompany the single release, Lovechild put together a DIY-style “home video” inspired by the band’s road musings, chronicling their journey touring and recording.
Keep up with all things Lovechild via their Instagram page and stay tuned for future releases from these young psych-rockers.
Photo Credit: Jack Tumen