Lyons, "Strawberry Moon"

Post Author: Mike Mehalick

Bubbling up out of Asbury Park is the pysch-meets-post-punk brew of Lyons. Comprised of Jenny Vickers, Charleen Artese, Lisa English, Sharon McDonaugh and Amy Malkoff, the band is now sharing a new single, “Strawberry Moon,” their first with Little Dickman Records.
Lyons shares:
“We wanted to write a song you could dance to! The lyrics are about the pull of the moon and how sometimes it messes with our emotions and makes you do naughty things, haha! This month 28 June is the Strawberry moon. It’s a hot and fertile time that the earth gives back.”
Stream Lyons’ “Strawberry Moon” below and look for more from the band here. You can also catch them tomorrow night at Bond Street basement.