Peel Dream Magazine – “Verfremdungseffekt”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

NYC dream-pop/shoegazers share fuzzy DIY video for EP highlight

NYC’s Peel Dream Magazine is one of our favorite breakthrough bands of the past year. The shoegazy dream-pop quartet, whose sound emulates the likes Stereolab, My Bloody Valentine and Galaxie 500, released their incredible sophomore LP Agitprop Alterna, one of the best albums of the year so far. They then followed it up with the beautiful six-track EP Moral Panics, cementing them as one of the year’s most prolific groups.

Today Peel Dream Magazine keeps that momentum going with a fuzzy, self-shot DIY music video for Moral Panics highlight “Verfremdungseffekt.” Compiling footage from their shows earlier this year at Sleeping Village in Chicago and Cinqhole in Ottawa, the clip follows the band performing and hanging out backstage in the venues, a vibrant but low-key vibe that matches the track’s lush, understated indie-pop stylings. Softly saturated and grainy colors shine through, giving the video a classic dream-like quality. It’s yet another high point for a rising band that’s now fully hitting their stride.

Moral Panics is made up of tracks leftover from the Agitprop Alterna sessions, and it serves as a perfect companion piece. You can purchase Peel Dream Magazine’s Moral Panics HERE, Agitprop Alterna HERE, and watch the video for “Verfremdungseffekt” below.