PJ Sparkles Latest Single "Neon"

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

From the Soloist Megan Liscomb comes a project that combines many attractive genres from artists like Mazzy Star, Beach House, and Patsy Cline. The project name comes from a time in Liscomb’s life that she will never ever forget. Coming from a musical family, when she was just 3 years old, she was put on stage to sing with her dad’s bluegrass band while holding her PJ Sparkles doll underneath her arm. As remembrance and honor, she took PJ Sparkles as her stage name. Megan Liscomb played all of the instruments on her upcoming album “Neon” except the drums and the cello on one of her tracks. “Neon” will be released digitally and will have a cassette release on 1/12/18.

Liscomb speaks to us about what influenced her to write the song “Neon”,

“I had just gotten home from a few days in Palm Springs and I was really inspired by that trip. Cicadas droned all day and night, it was about a million degrees, a gigantic full moon rose over the mountains, and everywhere there were pastel colors and neon lights. I had also just seen episode 8 of the new Twin Peaks, so I was feeling a little apocalyptic. “Neon” is sort of a fairy tale combination of all those things.”

“Neon” is unquestionably a travelers tune as we can actually feel the deep and passionate distorted guitar wail through our brains. It feels as if we are falling into a peaceful and never-ending gyrate. Certainly, we can hear the independence and the spur in Megan’s voice as if she were some sort of hero to us all.