Q&A: Lucille Furs, "Pink Noise"

The sunshine pop and psychedelic rock group Lucille Furs has been described many times as “Poetic Rythm”. Their unique style combines easy listening composed with lyrical and visual powers. It’s difficult to notice that this is a new modern band straight out of the 60s psychedelic scene. The relaxed and dulcet Lucille Furs was later described by The Music Manual UK as ” One of the hottest offerings to come out of Chicago”.
“Pink Noise” is the flawless combination of polyphonic vocals and impressive instrument work. Let the groovy track take you on a trip, you will be the first to feel the euphoric waves that the “Pink Noise” brings us.

Below, we ask Lucille Furs some questions about the track “Pink Noise”:

What was the biggest inspiration while writing the album or the song “Pink Noise”?

“Many of our lyrics describe criticisms of numerous facets of life, and “Pink Noise” is no exception. The general concepts surrounding “Pink Noise” are the opinions/”clatter” one reads on numerous internet platforms, and how they are filtered through versions of other opinions and views. White noise is comparable to ‘pink noise’ because white noise is noise on all frequencies, whereas pink noise is noise through only selected frequencies. Each of the verses involves a different opinion we have read and the people surrounding them. “Pink Noise” was one off of the very first songs we recorded and through time playing together, we reshaped the song from an early demo for our debut release.”

Who are some artists that influenced your sounds?

“There are a few books that we owe credit to for influencing the sounds on this record. Firstly, is Stones Gear, then Temples of Sound about Motown, and then Ken Scott’s book, Abbey Road to Ziggy Stardust. We strive to find some of the sounds of our favorite music because they were so hard to achieve! Thanks to dedicated research, luck with old recording equipment, and the engineers at Treehouse Records and Seven Levels, we were able to record as we wanted to, live to tape as a band.”

What was the writing process like for the album?

“We’ve evolved to writing for “each other” since introducing the material we began with. The songs mostly stemmed from ideas written individually when we were all playing in separate bands prior to Lucille Furs. Through the process of the first album, we were learning how to write together and for something. Almost every song revolves around a personal circumstance and is spun lyrically into a new fashion. Singer Newton Pritchett specifically looks for rhymes that he has not heard before and tries to manipulate words into something different and meaningful. Sometimes the lyrics were scribbled on a napkin and only thought of moments before the vocal take. But there is no doubt that the songwriting process in Lucille Furs is a true group effort since that’s what being in a band is all about!”