Sun Kin, "Honey, I'm Whole"

Last summer, Impose featured “Under Standing Waves,” a dynamic pysch-pop track from Kabir Kumar who operates under the alias Sun Kin. Although the group functions primarily as Kumar’s solo outlet, that track arrived seemingly as the product of a fully fleshed out band. It’s Sun Kin’s latest offering, “Honey, I’m Whole,” that is unmistakably one person’s ode to an irreplaceable figure.
The standalone single, Sun Kin’s first offering of 2018, is a beautiful, winding piece that serves as a reminder to cherish the here and now while also further establising Kumar as an artist to watch.
“This song is about wishing that someone you’ve loved forever could meet someone you just fell in love with.” shares Kumar. “I thought that I’d always be able to send my Nani an email, asking for her shami kebab recipe. To visit her, every precious couple of years, and stand eagerly over her shoulder sniffing the bubbling rajma. Or sit in her protective wingspan in the auto, clattering over to the local mithai wallah for some diamond-shaped kaju barfis. I wish I could hear it from her lips, how early in the morning you need to wake up to simmer a love worth remembering.”
Stream Sun Kin’s “Honey, I’m Whole” below and keep up with more from the project here.