Sunflower Bean presents "Twentytwo"

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The New Yorkers Sunflower Bean are gearing up to release their upcoming anticipated record in mid-March but before then, they have released a teaser single “Twentytwo”. Sunflower Bean will cleverly release the new album Twentytwo in Blue when all the members of the band turn 22 years old. Dedication and hard long work prove just how far the triad has come since their last album Human Ceremony which was released in back in 2016.

Indeed there are many great musicians that come out in New York, but Sunflower Bean is one of the big apples rarest and must-hears of this year indefinitely. The easy flowing and melodious track “Twentytwo” brings a new and certain feeling to the Indie/pop scene. Not only do they have a very unrepeated look and sound, but they have the maturity, they have the voice of an angel, and they have the musical talent and skills needed today to make themselves heard.