SK – “When You Know”

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Soul, jazz and blues are having a renaissance in the UK.

Born and raised in Luton, songwriter SK launched her career with her first single Nostalgia last month. It was a statement of intent, making exquisite use of live instrumentation and a more authentic soulful, jazz sound. Where many artists such as Tom Misch and Oscar Jerome have been very electronic in their approach.

The new single “When You Know”, continues in this stunning style. A perfect piece of neo-soul for summer, it’s focused on the vintage Rhodes piano sound, with smooth groove-rich drums. On the new single she states:

This is actually the prequel to Nostalgia. I’m one of those people who wears their heart on their fingertips, I met someone and I fell in love with them very quickly – we moved in together after 7 days. It was the way he looked at me, he saw completely and accepted all of my insecurities and flaws and loved me anyway. When you meet someone like that and it’s so good, it doesn’t feel real. It’s actually a conversation we had, I asked him what he’d say when people would ask him about us and everything happening so fast and he said “when you know, you know”.