Violet Sands, “Gone”

It’s been a few months since we last heard from Brooklyn-based dream rockers Violet Sands. Since then, the project has evolved to shine a focus on its guitarist Derek Muro as his expertise in conjuring lush, layered soundscapes comes to the fore.

This continues to hold wonderfully true with Violet Sands’ new single, “Gone,” which pulsates like the tide going in and out. The artfully textured track brings a blend of shoegaze and electro-pop as Deidre Muro’s vocals arrest floating ethereally over the top. With “Gone,” Violet Sands has another new entry into its brilliant canon and offers a sonic world to truly lose yourself in.

Derek shares, “‘Gone’ is about losing your way in life, being confused and still pressing on despite the temptations of escapism. It’s trying to be comfortable in face of the unknown. We started the song as part of our album HOTEL, in Los Angeles, immediately before I moved back to New York. The song definitely has a quality of a big life move embedded in it.”

Listen to Violet Sands’ “Gone” below and add it to your playlists here.