Booking wars in Austin!

Post Author: Julie Neumann

Perched at the top of Red River, the Mohawk has been patiently eyeing Austin’s music scene for the past year. The young venue hosted blowouts during the SxSW and ACL festivals, and the kids at tagged it early on as their preferred party host, but most of the time the narrow brick club has kept a low profile.

Over the past month, the Mohawk marquee has been glowing a bit brighter. First, dedicated fans and savvy scenesters swarmed to secret shows put on by Spoon and the Decemberists. Then, the bands you would expect to see at Emo’s or the Parish, fresh indie acts like Starlight Mints, popped up on the schedule. This past week, they scored two highly anticipated shows and began the renovations that could make the 900 block of Red River the hottest spot in a sizzling city.

Welcome to the Transmission Transition.

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