Brainworms + Red Rocket, Nara Sushi, Richmond VA

Post Author: , Nate Dorr

Now we’ve been to Richmond for a minute and we know all about it. College town, gnarly metal dudes, and a nice find in the band Brainworms, who played at Nara Sushi, which is what it sounds like. Though they used to throw shows in the basement after hours, they’ve moved the shows towards the street entrance like old blues and country music clubs that try to lure in pedestrians. For our show, it probably only attracted cops; the kids who showed up already seemed like disciples of headliner Brainworms, who stir up a Les Savy Fav-tinted hardcore… Or maybe it’s just the frontman’s beard. We wouldn’t want to add openers Red Rocket to the post-punk heap, but their synthesized attack had plenty of the double-jointed rhythmic jabs to compliment frontman Tris Palazzolo’s drum ‘n noise samples and his glistening mohawk. He had a good voice too.

After the show, Nara Sushi’s owner Khim kept the sushi… rolling. It was the best meal we’ve ever had. Next time you’re in Richmond, this is the man you buy your sushi from.