CHIKARA Portraits

Post Author: Eric Phipps

On Saturday, December 6, CHIKARA, celebrated its season finale at 2300 Arena (formerly known as ECW Arena) in Philadelphia, PA. CHIKARA has been a staple of the US independent wrestling scene since 2002 and is known for its agile high flying style, colorful characters, and complex story lines which can take years to resolve; providing a healthy alternative to more famous behemoths. If you have fallen out of love with wrestling, or were never in love with it in the first place, we highly recommend you experience CHIKARA. There’s no better place to start than #Chikpicks, their handpicked selection of best matches which includes commentary that reveals why those matches were selected.

In this gallery, Eric Phipps captured portraits of some of the wrestlers of CHIKARA. Stay tuned for another a photo set from the 2014 season finale, “Tomorrow Never Dies.”

We present portraits of some of the heroes and villains of the independent wrestling organization known as CHIKARA.