Cults and friends at Mercury Lounge

Post Author: Sarahana

Six-piece sugar pop group, Cults, fronted by a long-haired pixie who clutched her one-piece dress the whole time, claim to be from New York City. My sources tell me they arrived on earth to lure us all into the impending doom, in which the sun expands to swallow our planet before losing its glow and going mad.

Opening the show were We Barbarians, who are from California. Whether owing to the front man’s bouncy moves or the West Coast air, I’m tempted to christen their sound California Bouncy Bubble Rage rock, in which the Californian rage does not, by any means, surpass the foul temperament of an everyday person on the New York City subway.

Laura Stevenson and the Cans played second. I have no idea how Laura convinced Thom Yorke to play guitar for her band. That aside, seeing an accordion and a trumpet on stage may prompt you to cover your face as a precautionary defense against indie rock multi-instrumentalist shame, but Laura’s elf-like nasal voice makes a difference.

New York City’s Cults declare a sugar pop war on Sweden