DD/MM/YYYY and Quiet Hooves at Club 1808

Post Author: , Kashish Das Shrestha

How better to start a half week of drinking under the Texas sun then catching a dozen bands play for free at the ramshackle Club 1808.

With Traffique, Spiked Punch, Jennifer Ellen Cook, Archibald Adams and his shimmering war choir, Sunset, Florene, Sleep Good, Zorch, Soft Healer, Spells, Wizzard Sleeve, Female Demand, Pataphysics, Geoff Reacher, A Faulty Chromosome, Follow that Bird, Grandchildren, No Mas Bodas, Bodytronix, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, Magic Jewels, Lord Scrummage, Reverse X Rays, DD/MM/YYYYY, Quiet Hooves, Daniel Francis Doyle, Computer Jesus Refrigerator.