DD/MM/YYYY and Snack Truck in Richmond

Post Author: , Hatnim Lee

Make your friends see DD/MM/YYYY.

It’s no secret we at Impose have focused regular attention on DD/MM/YYYY, putting them on our shows, following them to Halifax, etc. But it’s been a minute since we got to see their live show, and for those of you considering attendance at one of their many stops in their current North American tour, here’s one more unequivocal endorsement: GO. These guys have mastered the art of crafting quintessentially mathy songs into jams so that you have choices: count off the time signatures if you want, or dance without twisting your ankle at the rhythmically daunting turnarounds.

We caught their set last Thursday night in Richmond at Gallery 5, and Hatnim Lee‘s photographs ensued.

Snack Truck, a local Richmond mainstay opened with their turbulent double-drum set attack that blasts through both dense metal cues and Explosions In the Sky era “soaring” post-rock melodies.