Erase Errata + Adult. at Studio B

Post Author: Jeremy Krinsley

Maybe it was that green-lit euro trash Greenpoint club everyone’s so hot about, but Erase Errata got the crowd taut on its toes. And while dancing isn’t the first thing one would think to do in the face of opaque guitar angles and a drum/bass combo that drops like a bowling ball, the crowd (mixed amusingly by neon-clad Erratae and gloom-garbed Adulturers) was moving.

Erase Errata has that crucial ability to sustain its crooked puzzles of rock like they’re doing funk grooves, or at least conventional punk rock melodies, pushing through them with confidence that comes off like playful abandon. Of course, while it seems effortless, they’re all virtuosic players. The proof’s in Jenny Hoyson’s shredding-face, one that lands somewhere between B.B. King and being sent to time out.

Adult.’s Nicola