EULA, GULL, No Bra, and more at Palisades

Post Author: Walter Wlodarczyk

Celebrating the release of their album called Wool Sucking, EULA performed a record release show at Brooklyn venue Palisades on Thursday, March 5. The band was supported by GULL, No Bra (Susanne Oberbeck), and Martin Bisi, who produced EULA’s record and was joined by Algis Kizys (Swans), Bob Bert (Sonic Youth), Thursday Fernworthy (LAUDS), and Ivan Lip for the first set of the night. Background visuals were done by artist Preston Spurlock.

Wool sucking is a behavior that some cats engage in when they were weaned too abruptly or too early as kittens. Also the title of EULA’s latest record.