Girl Talk Pool Party!

Post Author: , Will Deitz

It smelled like a Woodstock ’99 riot when someone kicked the power twenty or thirty minutes into Girl Talk’s set and he had to coax everyone out of booing and into a “Girl Talk! Girl Talk!” but that’s what happens when you pack about 8,500 people into the penned in part of East River State park for a college party of unprecedented proportions.

We didn’t have much time to wonder what the girls who stripped down to their bras and danced for Mr. Gillis would think of his early plunderphonic work because we were trying to figure out if we’d ever seen a guy get white girls to take their clothes off faster than he does. Pittsburgh-brethren Wiz Khalifa opened with some new era hip hop and Max Tundra’s meticulous electro-cutup compositions came off downright carnivalesque and goofy when topped by his mechanical doll dances.