Imposition 5: Bikes in the Kitchen, JellyNYC afterparty

Post Author: , Sarahana

By the time the clock hit 1am things got sloppy. The JellyNYC party had just let out, Golden Triangle was about to hit the stage and the Colt45 was flowing faster than a champagne waterfall. Luckily there were bears in the crowd to save us.

The climax of a four-day, five-show week at Don Pedro’s was an exuberant mess of titanic proportions. Drums were routinely broken, only surpassed by the bottles that were strewn on the floor. King Khan, Black Lips, Smith Westerns, Team Robespierre, Blank Dogs, Crystal Stilts were all seen in attendance (not that we’re counting), while Moi Non Plus, Smarts, Fiasco, Wild Yaks, Golden Triangle, Crystal Antlers and K-Holes tarnished our ears with beautiful noise.

As it was our final show of the CMJ Imposition at Don Pedro’s, we had to turn it out in style. If the smiling faces refusing to exit at 5am didn’t tell us, CA’s Johnny Bell was kind enough to let us know it was his favorite show of the week. Which means a lot since they played 17 times.

Seriously though, what a week it was and we would like to thank everyone who was involved with The Imposition. First and foremost, all the bands who made them
all so memorable. We’d also like to
especially thank all the curators (Famous Class, Bikes in
the Kitchen, No Fun Productions, and Paper Route), Colt45 for keeping us
refreshed all week, JellyNYC for making us their afterparty and a super
big thank you to Med and all the fine people at Don Pedro who put up
with our mess for five shows. Until next time…

By the time the clock hit 1am things got sloppy.