Inauguration Party

Fucked Up + Pissed Jeans + Vivian Girls + 80’s Hardcore at Market Hotel.

The Inauguration on Tuesday was historic; flags raised high, an unprecedented crowd, speeches and… blood at the Market Hotel. 80’s Hard Core opened (remember when George Bush Sr. hobbled out? That guy’s old). The Vivian Girls played some new songs, Pissed Jeans punched some holes in the wall and at some point during their set the stage was suddenly covered in broken glass. Soon after, a girl turned to me asking, “Can you help me…is this my blood?”

It was a surprisingly packed show for a freezing Tuesday night and, as one would expect from such a lineup and the devout fans they draw, a lot of fun. That said, there was a novel, if somewhat weird tinge of nationalism attached to it: 80’s Hard Core started the night playing in front of an American flag, which is what one might expect at an inauguration show, but Fucked Up brought it back to reality with the mention of the New Year’s Day murder of Oscar Grant by police. “Nothing changed today,” said Damian, “just don’t die tonight,” after which the band launched into “Police”.