Pet Shop Boys at MSG

Post Author: Adela Loconte

Legendary electronic British Duo, Pet Shop Boys brought some happiness to NYC after a heavy week to digest. There is not nothing that music can’t cure. Fans were all disco dressed up and motivated to dance their new album called “Super”. The show took place this past Saturday night at The Theater Madison Square Garden.

The night begins with Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe mesmerizing us with a stage full of colorful 3D visuals and them wearing disco metal helmets for the first three songs. They opened the show with “Inner Sanctum”, followed by their master piece “West End Girls”, this song is one of the very specials ones. It just tele transport you somewhere far and it relax you at the same time. It’s pretty hard always to photograph your favorite songs without letting your excitement controlling you. They also played “New York City Boy”, “Home and Dry”, “Left to My Own Devices”, among other 18 songs and some of them were played in a new version.

Pet Shop Boys song “Electric” it’s debuting No. 26 on the Billboard 200 this week. The duo will always be one of the most innovative and eccentric acts in the pop-dance, their set design and lighting always will take you somewhere else, together with their music! It’s just a magnificent experience! Don’t miss their tour, dates are below!

Set List:
1- Inner Sanctum
2- West End Girls
3- The Pop Kids
4- In the Night
5- Burn
6- Love Is a Bourgeois Construct
7- New York City Boy
8- Se A Vida É (That’s The Way Life Is)
9- Twenty-something
10- Love Comes Quickly
11- Love Etc.
12- The Dictator Decides
13- Inside a Dream
14- Home and Dry
15- The Enigma
16- Vocal
17- The Sodom and Gomorrah Show
18- It’s a Sin
19- Left to My Own Devices
20- Go West 
(Village People cover) (with “Opportunites (Let’s… )

21- Domino Dancing
22- Always on My Mind (Brendan Lee cover)
23- The Pop Kids (Reprise)

Tour 2016 continues:
 Corona Capital Festival
Mexico City – Mexico
 Arena Leipzig – Leipzig
Palladium Köln – Cologne
Poppodium 013
Tilburg – Holland
 Mehr! Theater am Großmarkt – Hamburg
 Tempodrom – Berlin
Jahrunderthalle Frankfurt – Frankfurt am Main
 Copenhagen Opera House – Copenhagen
Copenhagen Opera House – Copenhagen
 VTB Park Legend Arena – Moscow

Tour 2017:
Leeds First Direct Arena
- Leeds
 Manchester Arena
- Manchester
 Glasgow Clyde Auditorium
- Glasgow
 Edinburgh Playhouse
- Edinburgh
 Birmingham Barclaycard Arena
- Birmingham
Bournemouth International Centre – Bournemouth
Olympia – Paris

Disco dressed up.