Puerto Rican proto punk and the Black Lips anti-show

Post Author: , Joe Perez + Hatnim Lee

With Davila 666, the Beets, and the Choke at Don Pedro’s.

Rumors muttered all week that Black Lips would haul ass to Don Pedro’s after their Bowery show to jump on stage with ex-guitarist Jack Hines’ band K-Holes and perform some impromptu numbers, but y’know, they sorta just hung out instead. Davila 666, Puerto Rican six-man outfit with girls in the audience who screamed along to all their words, picked the right neighborhood to shout out their hard rock anthems (replete with mesh wife beater-wearing tambourine player). Good old Beets played Don Pedro’s for the second time in as many weeks, and the Choke, who once earned us accusations of misogyny in an earlier write up, assumed the middle position.