Test Patterns 6, heavy as fuck edition

Post Author: Impose Automaton

With Grocery Thief, Violent Bullshit, Titan, Tournament, and STATS.

Our sixth Test Patterns party was definitely our most epic. Two raw, thrashy (or trashy) hardcore bands bookending three massive, sprawling outfits that veer towards different corners of the metal universe. Our ears were shattered, our brains mangled (with a little help from the fuckloads of free beer), and when it was all over, we were so hyped up by Violent Bullshit's forty second songs (Running Myspace motto: “What we lack in experience we make up for in age”) that we had to go find another bar to get (more) wasted at. Grocery Thief's opening salvos were a worthy match to V. Bullshit's snotty scrummage of chunky guitars and false drum starts (see truncated video below). Titan made Tee Pee records proud by hitting a collective sweetspot with their old-school psych organ sidling into their old-school Sabbath-riffing. Meanwhile, there was STATS (subbing for the temporarily handicapped Survival) doing a short version of their self-described prog-punk (we say prog-metal, but whatever!) and Tournament's Neurosis-era droning rock.

Also, if anyone knows where that Tournament LP they left at Don Pedro's went, give us a holler.