The busiest documenter in d.i.y.: The Pirate Hat

Post Author: , Edan Wilber

It’d be one thing if he was snapping shots of his favorite bands, but Edan Wilber (a.k.a. entertainment4every1 a.k.a. ThePirateHat), is more often than not also the sound man and the bouncer to the same shows you’re just getting wasted at.

And even if you had noticed that most conspicuous wooly-bearded dude behind the P.A. Mixer, you’d probably be hard pressed to catch him compiling the growing body of evidence that many, many bands have passed thorugh his, and Todd P’s, and many other promotors’ shows, through the past few years in Brooklyn; he usually only takes a few photos for each band he sees.

As one of the few documentarians who can claim more records of Brooklyn’s d.i.y. shows than this website, Edan Wilber’s work deserves the perusal of anyone with a serious interest in the thriving underground, not just of Brooklyn, but of the national circuit of which we’re just a lucky, large hub. I started my morning with a balanced diet of downloading and resizing to present to you a very brief survey of his vast collection, one which I encourage you to visit here.