The New Violators at Pianos

Post Author: Jeremy Krinsley

The New Violators… worthy buzz band and/or busted?

I still can’t decide.

1. They shut their eyes, pretend they’re in arena.

2. Singer Per Borten bobs around like those big floppy tubes they put in front of car dealerships that blow in the wind.

3. Cocky crowd banter, silly accents.

4. Smirk-free disco.

5. New age new wave.

6. Flawless Morrissey impression. (Though sometimes the happy Joy Division calls up Mr. Curtis.)

7. Tricky hooks: The band tried to get us to sing the chorus melody for the last song, but it was too complicated and everyone fucked it up. (Perhaps they were trying to remind us that poppin aint easy, even when it sounds fashionmag glossy.)

8. Like many Scandinavian rockers, New Violators dress so hard at hipster it comes out metro. You (man-hunting?) lady killers.