Adilson Evora, Student Of Life (The Prelude)

This week, Rotterdam’s hip hop/soul artist Adilson Evora released his Student Of Life (The Prelude) EP. A work comprised of four distinct tracks, the EP begins with a bang with “Puppet Master”, a song with a distinct and tantalizing beat that “hit(s) pressure points” with your emotions that you didn’t realize music could. “Real Friends (Remix)” slows it down a bit, gifting a deeper sound space to the listener. “Rotterdam Legend (A Committee Gunmen Tribute)” and “Drug Music” touch extensively on more touchy subjects, but they extract an emotional response like their predecessors that is a rarity these days.

Student Of Life (The Prelude) isn’t over with these four tracks. Evora made a statement on his Bandcamp that makes this fact abundantly clear.

Student Of Life will be a returning concept where i will showcase my journey in to becoming a better artist and person in general. Containing rare songs that wouldn’t make it on a project and would most likely only be heard through my speakers at home. S.O.L. is about seeing beauty in rawness, perfection in imperfection and embracing flaws and valuing it as being part of the growth. As the year is about to end i present Student Of Life (The Prelude) as a warm up for the music and releases coming up in the new year.

Student Of Life (The Prelude) is available now.