Frank Hamilton, Songs To Make Life Slightly Less Awkward

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

A tall order is in place with Frank Hamilton‘s new album Songs To Make Life Slightly Less Awkward, as his last album reached #1 on the iTunes chart and was an international success thanks to his collaborations with people like Newton Faulkner, Lauren Aquilina, Rosie Low, Josephine (from Oh Wonder), and Ed Sheeran. That order, however, has been far surpassed with the new album, which was released on September 30th to mass acclaim.

Not only is the title appealing to humans far and wide, but the 13 track album brings a mish mosh of the most engaging sounds to the forefront. From songs like “Lovedrug” – which perfectly showcases his ability to write uptempo, yet melancholic, songs with lyrics like “When I’m wide awake, when I’m half asleep / I’ve got this addiction to fiction, so come lie next to me” – to “Songs We Fall Asleep To”, which holds a slower, more intense vibe to it with all-too-relatable lyrics such as “You’re a dick but I love you / It’s just sometimes I wish that we didn’t dissect things / I feel sick when we argue / The world’s cold enough without us freezing up over nothing”, Hamilton has woven his way into the hearts of many. The artful way with which the instrumental compositions bleed into the gorgeous vocals is almost too much to handle, and this album is something tantalizing to behold from start to finish.

Personal favorites: “Recycling”, “21C”, “More or Less” (ft. Dodie Clark)

Songs To Make Life Slightly Less Awkward is available now.