Have Mercy, Make The Best Of It

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

Faith anchors Have Mercy‘s latest album Make The Best Of It. It is an album that wants to dig deep, dealing explicitly with themes about family, emotional vulnerability, and both metaphorical and physical death. These heavy themes attempt to be the focal point of the relatively narrative eleven track album. Have Mercy wants you to enter their world, to feel what they’re feeling, to understand the spirituality that adds depth to the album. Sonically, this record plays with hyper masculine alt rock. The vocals are heavy and linger in between singing and shouting, not in a punk way but in more of an anthemic sense.
Make The Best Of It incorporates elements of emo in the guitar work, using lines of guitar that feel bright in an ironic way. This is a record that hopes to be more of a difficult listen than it actually is. In reality, these heavy handed themes tend to take the backseat. Make The Best Of It is emo barbecue rock. It’s gritty, but it also is fun.
Make The Best Of It is out now. Keep up with Have Mercy here.