Let Me Introduce My Friends – I’m From Barcelona

Post Author: Chris Brunelle

Let Me Introduce My Friends hits the ground running, with its twenty-eight members daring to chew bubblegum at the same time. “Oversleeping” starts things off brimming with xylophones chiming, computers bleeping, and a slinky guitar line that leads into a narrative on the challenges of running late, the drums doing their best to drive our hero to work swiftly. “Jenny” opens with a whimsical 70’s pop trumpet line and continues with Lundgren singing to us about yet more frenetic activity, this time for a trip he's taking. “Chicken Pox” draws a cute metaphor between heartbreak and childhood diseases , reassuring that “You can’t have it once you’ve had it.” The album continues with the wonderful, “This Boy.” It refrains “All the voices in my head and the people I meet, they’re all trying so hard to make a man out of me / But there’s always gonna be this little boy inside of me.” It is sentiments like these that put the charm and impish depth inside these infectious melodies. This record brims with good vibes, tuneful hooks, spirited chants, rich instrumentation, and enough heart and mind to convince us that their adventure is well worth our while. Yes, they're from Sweden, but I’ve been meaning to go to Barcelona for some time now. I hope I have as much fun going there as I do listening to Let Me Introduce My Friends.