Lilac Daze, Lilac Daze

Back in August, we premiered Lilac Daze’s single “Future Unknown”. Well, now the future is a little more clear for them, as they set to release their self-titled album on Friday. (Was that a dad joke, though?) That being said, here’s a little something about what we think. (And why we think you should try it on for size as well!)

From the first notes of “Shark Bait” to the last, wailing chords of “So Confused”, Lilac Daze does not disappoint. It’s a swirling, beautiful mess of chords, with the feeling that they could play the album in its entirety in my neighbors’ basement and it would still hold the integrity of the recording. Percussion heavy, with swirling, psychedelic sounds accompanying it, this album is perfect to enjoy in a drunken stupor with friends, with the windows down and the cool autumn breeze blowing through your hair, or at full blast while cooking cajun shrimp pasta. (We put that in for good measure to alarm your neighbors. And also because that’s what we were doing while listening to it recently.)

To partake in this month’s festivities the right way, don’t miss: “Glow In The Dark”, “Drinking With An Ulcer”, “Jack O’Lanterns”

Check out the stream in its entirety on Gold Flake Paint. Then go buy the LP on October 14th.