Pearl Earl, Pearl Earl

Post Author: Emily Chu

Pearl Earl is a rock band from Texas made up of entirely women: Ariel Hartley, Bailey K. Chapman, Stefanie Lazcano, and Chelsey Danielle. They came together during summer of 2014, and have been making music ever since. The band is about to release a self titled album, and we got the chance to listen to it first. Here’s what we think:
The record starts out with “Meet Your Maker.” It starts out mid-tempo, but it isn’t long before the pace picks up. The guitar driven track is intense. It mellows out slightly as the vocals start, and it gives off a slightly 60’s surfer beach vibe, and we’re definitely into it. “Malibu Barbie Bike” is next up. It’s a hard hitting jam that turns up the intensity. This track has a completely different feel than the first. It’s a classic blend of guitar and drums, and it’ll have you bobbing to the music in no time.
“Cosmic Queen” slows things down a little bit while still maintaining vocals that will vibrate through your bones. “Star In The Sky” has a spacey, wonky, mysterious sound that’s out of this world. It’s suspenseful with super catchy chord progressions. The track is unpredictable, changing and various turns, so you don’t really know what to expect. It’s slightly sinister and that’s what makes it especially catchy. We’re definitely into this one.
The last track on the album is “I Know.” The guitar in this track feels softer, and the vocals are the same way. This track is more relaxed and chilled out than the rest, making it the perfect ending track. The vocals are echo-y and it’s the perfect anthem for a scenic drive.
01. Meet Your Maker
02. Malibu Barbie Bike
03. Captain Howdy
04. Eyes Shut
05. Cosmic Queen
06. Star In The Sky
07. Wizard Man
08. Take A Shot
09. What Do You Know?
10. I Know
The album with be released on July 15th. Keep up with the band here.