Pom Poms, Turn You Out

Post Author: Anna Selle

With their debut full-length album, Pom Poms are here to cure your Monday morning blues. At the intersection of fuzzy surf-rock, psychedelic pop, and 1960s soul music is Turn You Out, a 12-track record that bleeds energy and charisma. With a timeless charm, Marlene’s vocals  will pull you deeper and deeper with each passing song.
Turn You Out is the femme fatale trope defined through echoing vocals cascading over guitar-heavy indie-rock songs. The tracks tell a story of lost love, betrayal, and living with reckless abandon. The album’s namesake is the fifth track on the album, with snarling lyrics and a dark melody, detailing a bittersweet and inharmonious relationship driven by disillusion.
Preceding Turn You Out’s release, Pom Poms teased the record with singles “Betty” and “123,” two tracks that illustrate the opposite ends of the spectrum of emotion written into the album. “Betty” is mournful and lamenting, borrowing guitar riffs from a 1960s teen rom-com. Where “Betty” is an admission of unrequited love, “123” is flirtatiously buoyant, with alluring quips like about spin the bottle and seven minutes in heaven.
Turn You Out is available now via Make Records. It’s the perfect concoction to breathe a little life into your melancholic Monday.