Small Town Glow, Not Jazz

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Today, Josh Robin’s alternative music project Small Town Glow released a new four track EP titled Not Jazz. Besides the fact that it is hilariously – and obviously – not comprised of jazz tracks (as the title would indicate), the most notable thing is that this is a purely instrumental release. In fact, the credits themselves read:

All tracks produced, mixed and arranged by Josh Robin
All guitars played by Josh Robin
All everything else Garageband.

What must be noted is that this compilation is full of feel-good melodies, quirky instrumental layers, and a ton of heart. From the beginning of track “Cool Happens”, you get this feeling that a very wide variety of influence is going to find its way into your heart. (Did you hear the late 80s/early 90s hip hop influence? What about the strings?) “Kid Wars” brings in a more staccato, upbeat feeling than its predecessor, incorporating light as a feather percussion as it builds, then explodes into a much more raw feeling with the bass drop around 1:13. The strings are of particular note in “Neon Flux”, bringing us back to the excitement of some of the genre blending tracks in 2006’s Step Up. (Don’t dog on that. They killed it with that soundtrack, and this is a massive compliment if we do say so ourselves.) “Stranger Days” has a quirky sound to it, with several strikingly different layers that somehow make sense when put together.
In fact, we’re not sure how he does it but all four tracks have titles that directly indicate the vibe they exude. But you’re going to have to give it a listen to know what we’re talking about.
Not Jazz is available now.