The Halves, “Are You Happy? / Gimme The Goods”

Are You Happy Now?

Introducing brand new, Charlotte, North Carolina-based band The Halves. They’ve just recently released their first ever single, “Are You Happy? / Gimme The Goods” and are ready to take on the industry. This young group was formed when all of the members were still in high school. The group, made up of brothers Robbie and Cody Hudgins and their friends Ezra Engler and Ian Duke spent their high school days play in “less than ideal” locations, which is understandable given that “It’s hard to play proper shows when your brother isn’t even old enough to get into 18+ venues.” – Robbie.

Their single was recorded in North Carolina, only using one mic at a local hip hop studio. “Are You Happy? / Gimme The Goods” is an energetic groove with rock solid instrumentals and a voice that blends right into the music. With a steady, reliable beat for most of the song, The Halves surprise you at the end as the tempo doubles and the guitar takes over, before dropping out and giving the spotlight to the vocals, and ending with a memorable finish.

July 3                                                                   Plaza Midwood Festival                                              Charlotte, NC

July 27                                                                         The Milestone                                                       Charlotte, NC

July 29                                                                        Gold Sounds Bar                                                            NYC, NY

August 20                                                                      Snug Harbor                                                       Charlotte, NC

The Halves will be play at Gold Sounds Bar in Brooklyn on Friday, July 29th.