The Sea Life, The Sea Life

Post Author: Ian Schneider

Alternative rock group The Sea Life is coming out with a self titled album that contains dimensions of gritty rock, supported by unparalleled lyricism and tempo. This down to earth, yet in your face, LP was created by the quartet consisting of Jon Weiss, Payton Brown, Jules Hale, Jordan Sanders.
The bellowing lyrics go in perfect harmony with the wailing sounds from guitar. The supporting vocals are placed perfectly in the chorus of almost every song and provide something that some comparable rock out there does not have, strong imagery. Yes, one does get a spike of hair raising adrenaline after listening to this album, but The Sea Life are also able to capture the listeners imagination with every single note and word.
The creatives from Washington, D.C. have struck gold with this record, fuzing rock and roll roots, with experimental alternative sounds. One may say that this is impossible to achieve, but The Sea Life laugh in the face of this proposition with this upcoming LP.
You can learn more about The Sea Life here, and listen to their music here.