André Obin, “Approaching Zero”

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

Keeping our ears fixed to Boston’s André Obin, we offer the premiere of the Serg Soza directed video for “Approaching Zero”. From a clever conceptual design centered around sine wave algorithms, sciences ,theorems and cutting edge technology; Obin’s ‘tabula rasa’ statement is brought to visual life beyond the duel switches of binary distractions.

The electronic transfer of André’s vanishing and beginning points become processed and engulfed by Serg and Andrew’s digital visual art schematics. Perceptual manipulations project impressionistic guitars and keyboards instrumentation displays, dissociated by pixelated points and character mapping that comes together as unified whole bodies before becoming undone again. “Approaching Zero” starts over from scratch, while visually syncing the digital and visceral material dynamics, causing André to become the polygonal embodiment of shapes, points, lines, and contours on a graph that springboards his avatar into a new array of virtual reality. Obin wrote us the following thoughts on the making of the song and video:

In a sense, “Approaching Zero” is my personal call to arms. The song is about not giving up on your art even when numerous factors are pulling you away from it. However far you stray from your origin, high or low, strive to get to a place where you can channel creativity. The “zero” in this case is not something negative. It’s a clean slate or a fresh canvas.

When Serg Soza approached me about making the music video, the lone visual I suggested was a sine wave algorithm passing over a horizontal access, moving from high to low, always approaching zero. He took that concept and gave it a world of dimension. He and his partner Andrew Lyman-Clarke employed some incredible technology and techniques to cause the light fragmentation and pixelation where my instruments and body begin to disarticulate.

André Obin’s new album, Ways of Escape is available now from Sky Council.