Anthony And The Mountain, “Raygun”

Post Author: Justin Hernandez

Impose has the exclusive premiere of Anthony And The Mountain’s video for their song “Raygun” and it is a sumptuous and provocative performance piece that confidently takes its place alongside the iconic sexy sacrilegious vids from pop starlets past. Clad only in cherry red heels and a bodysuit that at times appears gold lamé and others nude or even iridescent, Anthony And The Mountain’s Anthony Bianco delivers a solo performance using only a fluorescent lamp and raw emotions against the backdrop of an empty church. As the seductive tune pulsates along, Bianco seductively writhes and caresses the aforementioned fluorescent light with abandon while making exhausting, intoxicated love to the camera.

“Raygun” is a delight as a song and its video marvelously captures it’s themes on the power of love and lust. The desire to be kissed upon one’s (metal) lips is an animal urge as portrayed in the video and such unbridled passion is essentially a religious experience. This ecstasy is enough to avail one of their inhibitions as they pursue and worship the object of their devotion and desire and Anthony And The Mountain illustrates this universal drive in an unafraid and wonderfully human way in “Raygun”..

“Raygun” is the first video from Anthony And The Mountain’s I Felt Tall and Full of Blood which dropped today on Newlywed Records so you can go and grab it right now. You can also follow Anthony And The Mountain on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.