Atlantic Thrills, “Vices”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

The title track off Atlantic Thrills‘ debut LP Vices is fun and summery, with guitar riffs and wailing vocals to match its laid back vibe. Hailing from Providence, R.I., the band – comprised of Eric Aguiar, Daniel Tanner, Ravi Shavi, and Josh Towers – crosses genres, most often being labeled as balancing the fine line between garage, psychedelic, surf, punk, and rock & roll. We’ll admit their image is more rock than anything, but we’ve got the premiere of their music video for “Vices” available now, so you can be the judge.

The music video is morbid in a way. Did they just leave an open coffin in the wilderness? Did the person in the open coffin just get up and stumble off? Is he supposed to be some take on the walking dead? Why is there a man with an insane almost-Elvis-impersonator look seemingly controlling the entire situation?

The color filters are insane, at times making the viewer squint to see what’s going on. We feel for the protagonist, as he stumbles are in a trip-like trance, encountering a lot of really bizarre aspects of modern life. Plus, he gets sick in public. (Remember that time when…?)

Take video as you may, but enjoy the song for what it is. An anthem that begs summer not to end.

Vices is available now on vinyl, cd, cassette, and digital via Almost Ready Records.