Axxa/Abraxas, “I Almost Fell”

Post Author: Quinn Moreland

Originally hailing from Georgia, Ben Asbury crafts a dizzying mix of psychedelic-pop-rock under the name Axxa/Abraxas. The band has expanded to a motley crew of musicians, and in March the group released their self-titled album on Captured Tracks. Asbury studied psychology, religion, and sociology in college, and this knowledge contributes his multidimensional music. All things considered, it only makes sense that the video for “I Almost Fell” is a trippy kaleidoscope of characters, colors, and costumes. The video begins with a trim and clean-shaven man tripping and spilling the contents of his briefcase outside a ramshackle building. Upon entering the shack, the man is confronted by a group of frozen bohemians who literally bring color to his black-and-white existence. As soon as the music begins, our protagonist is confronted with flower children, neon paint, and a whole lot of tinsel. After watching this video, perhaps you will ask the same question as Asbury: “Who’s to say we’re here at all?”