Bilal ft. Big Krit, “Pleasure Toy”

Post Author: Andre G

Bilal recently dropped the video for “Pleasure Toy,” the fourth single from his In Another Life album. His smooth, lithe vocals float over the ambient synths. The song’s crisp drum programming colors the song with a funky, sultry 80s vibe. As he sings “I let the music vibrate her,” it’s entirely believable as the soundscape is the perfect backdrop for Bilal to sing teasingly to the object of his affection. It’s hard not to hear the Prince influence.

The Hans Elder-directed video, which Bilal co-produced, showcases the singer amidst black and white backdrops and even getting his interplanetary groove on with some beautiful models. Though Big KRIT wasn’t in the video, his presence was more than felt with his playful, flirty feature verse. He rhymes “it’s hard to be subtle when you want what you want,” then proceeds to tell his girl exactly what he wants.

Though “Pleasure Toy” has been out since June, its video gives it new life.