Blacksage, “Possess Me”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Baltimore’s duo Blacksage – comprised of Josephine Olivia and Drew Scott – has been garnering a lot of impressive attention lately, all thanks to the release of their sophomore album Shivers, which debuted on September 30th. But they’re fanning the flame with the release of their impressive music video for their track “Possess Me”, and we’ve got your exclusive first look.

Shot in black and white, the video is relatively simple. It follows a woman as she arrives home, undressing, putting her music on (“Possess Me”, of course), and resting in bed. When she wakes, every movement is calculated, slow, and beautiful. It’s almost as if she’s dancing along the frame, the power of the human body being highlighted.

But then it is as though she is literally being possessed by a man that was once by her side. The song turns into an absolutely gorgeous dance performance piece, as the man and woman work together to attempt to display the unbridled potential of humankind, matching each note to a graceful movement.

Shivers is available now.