Bryant Dope, “Champion Sound”

Not since Canibus took the punk approach of killing one's idols by battling LL Cool J have we seen a rapper don the boxing warm-up garments. Bryant Dope isn't out to knock out someone because his mama said so or bring down an idol though. Dope, along with Hannibal King's production, is out to give Queens a bit of that Brownsville bully-sound on "Champion Sound".

Bryant Dope lets Smif-N-Wessun issue the buckdown threats on the sample, while he's out to be quoted rather than reach the quota. Director Adam Ross sticks to a classic ring-side mic and Bryant Dope's punchline procedures, making it the bare minimum for visuals, but keeps the focus on introducing Bryant as a beast in the booth.

Bryant Dope's New New York mixtape should be out earlier 2013 on Young One.