Bueno, “C-C-C-Convenient”

Post Author: Mike Sosnick
Bueno, "C-C-C-Convenient"

Bueno wear their home borough as a massive badge of pride, so it’s impossible to think their video for “C-C-C-Convenient” would be filmed anywhere but Staten Island. Opening with a shot of the track’s namesake Convenient Food Mart and its triple-C logo, the video takes us on a scatterbrained, Richmond County-based tour of the overstimulated life the song laments. We see overwhelming, laziness-inducing convenience in nearly every shot: news networks, 24-hour stores, and 12 shapes of Barilla pasta all contribute to “a generation always on vacation.”

The band gets cameos as singer Luke Chiaruttini interviews them—guitarist and “alleged scumbag” Mikey Gagliardi keeps gnawing at his chicken leg, while drummer AJ Pantaleo happily milks an imaginary cow. After the music stops, we get the pleasure of seeing a store employee accuse a real-life Mike DiBenedetto of only buying beer and cigarettes, proving that when everything’s within arm’s reach, it’s that much easier to loaf around.

The convenience doesn’t stop at the video’s content; its production, too, appears to be a product of modern ease. Shot in just a few hours, “C-C-C-Convenient” answers its own question of “Are things really more convenient?” Of course they are, but when approached with Bueno’s creativity and zeal, the result can still be compellingly genuine.

“C-C-C-Convenient” will be released July 3 as the B-side of the Assed Out 7” on Shea Stadium Records.