Calypso’s “Numbered” Video is Fire, Ice, & Passion

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

What do you get when you cross visuals from the likes of such movies as Mirror Mirror, the voice of an angelic temptress (if there ever were one), and pinup style? The new music video for “Numbered” by Calypso, off her upcoming project album Untitled EP. It’s very frosty, with snow and lyrics like “our days are numbered baby,” it’s also fiery as hell, as Calypso wears lipstick and red hot outfits in a video void of most color and her piercing gaze captivates your attention. Most of all, it is everything you’d imagine from a nymph.

Why a nymph, you may be inquiring? Calypso was a nymph in Greek mythology, known as a beautiful woman of the land. These creatures normally inhabit forests, rivers, and other outdoor locations. The video is set on a primarily blank background, offering clothing and minimal props to paint a picture of the words that come from her lips. She takes art into her own hands by finger painting her own skin in pinks and whites, a powerful statement that seems to bring more ownership to the way she loves. Calypso herself is the definition of beauty, her physique and voice enveloped in fog as she sings about the multi-faceted idea of love.

Calypso worked on the video with Raef Sawford, and instigated much of the creative process. “The character in the video is alluring but also distant and detached,” she had to say about it. “I wanted to display the eagerness of love but also the other side of that which makes us want to run from what we feel because we fear it.”

Fire. Ice. Passion.

‘Numbered’ is available now through iTunesSpotify, just ahead of Calypso’s debut EP release on June 22.